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Innovative and streamlined design is at the forefront of Roth Living – and shoppers will have the chance to experience that, and more, firsthand after visiting its showroom on Clayton Road.

Founded in 1960, Roth Living has been the exclusive regional distributor for high-end appliances by Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove, ASKO and Best in St. Louis since 2002.

“We picked our location because many of our clientele that purchases our products live within a short radius of that showroom,” says Denise Knoblich, vice president of marketing for Roth Living. “That keeps it really accessible for the consumer base. Plus, inside, we do a lot of things that make it consumer-centric.” Inside the St. Louis showroom, there are seven kitchen displays that showcase approximately 150 appliances. Two kitchens are even functional – spaces that form what Knoblich calls the culinary center.

“The culinary center is an interactive space where we can bring consumers in – we have our own executive chef on staff – to help people either learn about the products while they are shopping and to make an educated decision,” she says. “Some consumers have already purchased their appliances and want to learn how to use the appliances. Roth Living caters to their consumers pre- and post-sale.”

In addition to the physical displays, the showroom features a digital wall – specifically, a 9- by 16-foot screen – where consumers can curate their appliance selections and view their curated appliance package.

“In a 5,000-square-foot showroom, we can’t show every model, but what we can do is use our custom app to communicate every model digitally and project to life size on the 9- by 16-foot screen,” Knoblich says. In essence, the possibilities are endless.

“Between Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove, ASKO and Best appliances, we offer over a thousand different options and endless combinations to personalize a kitchen,” Knoblich says. “It’s kind of exponential how many parts and pieces we have … It really is a personalized appliance selection.”

Such a plethora of options can be intimidating. However, Knoblich promises Roth Living’s appliance specialists are eager to aid in the process.

“We help each customer define what they want for their space because there is so much information,” she says. “Our appliance experts can help clients customize their appliance package based on their needs and distill it down to a package the designer or builder can integrate into their home.”

A quick glance at Roth Living’s website, Facebook or Instagram pages is sure to send your imagination – and dreams for your space – soaring. From rustic to modern to clean and crisp, to a personal chef’s dream, Roth Living has assisted in creating it all.

“The app has changed how clients select their package, and at the end of their visit, they get a full quote with details about their appliance choices,” Knoblich says. “They can then meet with their designer, builder, whoever their design team is … we send the quote to that part of the team to help them customize their home. It helps to become more collaborative, so everyone is on the same page. After all, you can’t do plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, countertops until you really decide what [appliances] are we designing in?”

Although Roth Living’s features speak for themselves, Knoblich says the specialist experience is what truly sets Roth Living apart from all other appliance dealers.

“Roth Living offers a premier service experience,” she says. “We help people come into the showroom and give them an opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with the appliances they purchase. In addition, we have our own installation company with factory- authorized installers. Our customer service team can assist pre- or post-sale. We want them to feel like they have the best consumer experience possible.”

Roth Living, 7800 Clayton Road, St. Louis, 314-991-0900,

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