Every well-appointed room needs that pièce de résistance that, as Frill Home co-owners and longtime friends Kristin Ebert and Marci Marsh put it, takes the space “from finished to fabulous.” Marsh is an artist with a background in interior design, and Ebert’s background is in marketing and product development. Frill Home offers a selection of beautiful and unique home furnishings and accessories showcasing international collections and local artists, as well as custom pieces with fabric hand-selected by the duo. The result is a carefully curated spread from more than 30 lines, with products you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in St. Louis.

What inspired you to start Frill Home?

We were both at transitional points in our lives, looking for a way to balance doing something we really enjoyed and being there for our families. We often talked about the lack of options when it came to finding unique finishing touches. As a designer, you have access to a broader offering, but as a consumer, you are limited to the big box stores where everyone has the same options.

What are your personal favorite design styles?

There isn’t really one style, which is part of what Frill is all about. Frill is a reflection of our personal tastes: We integrate influences from fashion, art and history, and believe that style is predicated by your lifestyle. To narrow that down to one or two ‘”styles” would be impossible.

How do you curate the items in your store?

We curate for our store to deliver on where we believe the “next step” of design is going. It is influenced by our travels, design magazines we read, art that intrigues us and the trusted, quality partnerships we have built. We have very similar tastes when it comes to decorating and style, even though we come from very different backgrounds. We often laugh when we show up at the store wearing something, and the other one will have bought the exact same dress or blouse. That makes it easy when it comes to buying for the store and making decisions on what is the next big thing.

Tell us about your custom pieces.

We love textiles and fabrics; when we come across beautiful fabric or fabric remnants, we look for new ways to use them. We regularly offer custom pillows and upholstered pieces utilizing these finds. We also will order pieces in your standard muslin and reupholster them using fabrics that we feel make a statement or bring that finishing touch. We work with several local artists and have had numerous pieces commissioned to accommodate a client's space or preference.

8837 Ladue Road, 314-696-2222, frillhomestl.com