We’re going organic this winter with fresh greens on walls, furniture and anything that can be covered with fabric.


The basic building block for a fabulous arts-and-crafts room: Stickley’s 2019 Collector Edition Console. American made with American wood, this piece sports the rich hues of Motawi Tileworks’ Riverscape tile, an original design by company founder Nawal Motawi. Serene shades of color imbue charm and grace. (daufurniture.com)

Thibaut Ebru Embroidery.jpg

A wonderful modern complement to the Stickley console, Thibaut’s Ebru embroidery wows with its undulating pattern and unexpected color palette. (greatcoverupdesign.com)

Thibaut Mitford Wallpaper.jpg

Thibaut’s Mitford wallpaper has a certain arts-and-crafts vibe that provides an exuberant foil to the clean lines of the console. (lulubellesfabrics.com)

Nancy Robinson is a contributing writer to Ladue News specializing in interiors and home décor.