New art prints, decorative book covers and boxes pay homage to the great fashion houses of Europe.

E Lawrence Ltd. 2.png

Fill your library with fashion books from E. Lawrence Ltd. This series is called Street Script. It’s available with color (shown) or black and white titles. (

Cha Cha Queen Oliver Gal 2.png

Cha Cha Queen is a collage design presented as a textured canvas giclée print. It features a woman’s face with bold lips and sunglasses surrounded by Dutch flowers and the Chanel label, logo and original Parisian address. (

Steven Wilson .jpg

Gucci Bauble Bee by Stephen Wilson is a mixed-media design featuring embroidery and cotton pompoms on a laser-cut suede Gucci box. (

Nancy Robinson is a contributing writer to Ladue News specializing in interiors and home décor.