From celebrating life’s little moments to brightening someone’s day “just because,” recently launched St. Louis startup Greetabl has creative gift-giving all wrapped up. Joe Fischer, who co-founded the company with Zoë Scharf, told LN more about this fun and easy way to make the day of everyone from close companions to faraway friends.

What inspired the idea for the company?

It sprang from what I think is a universal human desire – to make someone we love feel loved. It was a close friend’s wedding that sparked the idea, but the concept really came together as the perfect way to celebrate life’s little moments – a friend’s birthday, a new job – particularly when you can’t be there in person.

Describe your Greetabl products.

Our core product is a patented greeting card that folds into a gift box. Customers can customize the card with their own photos and message, as well as a perfect little gift. We use this beautifully textured paper and print on the best equipment in the industry, so the photos and designs look incredible. And we’re proud to say it’s all done right here in St. Louis. For our highly curated gift selection, we look for incredible products that can help complete the sentiment you’re sending. They are sourced from makers around the world, though most of them are crafted here in the U.S. They are the creative bunch – they include everything from a small-batch candle company in LA to wine-flavored lollipops made in Austin. Our card and packaging is $8, and the gifts range from $2 to $25.

Take us through the process of how customers can order Greetabls.

Creating your Greetabl on is really simple and fun! First, you choose your card design and the gift you’d like to include. Next, personalize it by typing a note (or choose a pre-crafted message), and if you’d like, add up to three photos. You tell us where it’s going, and we take care of the rest.

What has been the customer reaction so far?

We regularly hear stories of surprised and delighted recipients relayed from our customers. The two best measures of success for us are customers coming back time and time again when they want to make someone’s day and seeing a lot of recipients become customers themselves.

Greetabl, 911 Washington Ave.,

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