Historically, humanity always has felt the need for speed, often to the detriment of simplicity – but the times, they are a changin’.

You might say Bennet Omalu entered this world fighting.

For most high school seniors, the college application process is the first time an outside decision-making institution asks, “Tell me about yourself.” Grammatically, the sentence isn’t even a question, but rather, an imperative. When I present this question to a client, it usually results in…

Given what it is, what it can do and how rapidly it’s advancing, Tesla would have to land my highest recommendation in the luxury sedan space.

Once upon a time, Sue Sehrt was looking to adopt a dog – or two. Sehrt is a firm believer in having two pups at once, so each can have a friend to romp around with.

“To come to a point of ‘goodbye,’ we have come to the end of one journey moving toward another; it’s called change. How we handle change determines its benefit in our future.” –An Ottley-ism

In early October, I will be speaking to the middle school parents of Chaminade College Preparatory about teens and social media. My curiosity was particularly piqued by this topic, as I am the father of seventh- and ninth-grade boys. Virtual activity is part of our everyday life, and most fa…

When Angelo Arzano spoke to his daughter's second-grade class, he shared with the students how he helped build One World Trade Center in New York City.

Now in its fourth year, the Innovation by Design Summit gathers the top thinkers in the nation to St. Louis later this month.

On warm summer nights, one of my favorite meals is grilled squash and salty halloumi cheese wrapped in tortillas with some fermented hot sauce or salsa for an extra kick.