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LeAnn Rimes

The country star had some nervous thoughts about her current husband, Eddie Cibrian, last week. The pair fell in love on set filming a made-for-TV movie, and each left their respective spouses to be together. In a recent interview, Rimes admitted that considering their start, she does worry Eddie will cheat on her. Well, that’s a shame. I mean, it sounds about right, but still.

Nicki Minaj

The pop sensation and new American Idol judge is in trouble. In the midst of the Idol premiere and a laundry list of talk show appearances and live performances, catastrophe hit: Her wig master quit. After several disagreements about her look, Nicki and the stylist parted ways. Well, this is just the worst thing ever. What is she going to do now? Who will take care of her wigs? Why, why do these things always happen to her?

Jennifer Lawrence

'Katniss' raised some eyebrows at the Golden Globes last week. After she won for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer took the stage, looked at the statue and said, “It reads I beat Meryl Streep.” It’s a quote from the comedy, The First Wives Club, but a lot of people didn’t get the joke and felt Lawrence was arrogantly slighting Streep. It took days to calm riotous fans and colleagues and clear up the misunderstanding. Of course, the fact that Meryl Streep was not nominated for a Golden Globe this year nor was she in a film that garnered any Golden Globe consideration may have been a clue.

98 Degrees

After paparazzi spotted Nick Lachey heading into a recording studio several times over the last few months, fans started to hope for the impossible: a 98 Degrees reunion. Well, it looks like it’s happening. According to insiders, everybody’s—well, somebody’s—favorite boy band is reuniting for a 2013 album and tour. Do you realize what this means to every bored, listless 40-something out there? Your dream has finally come true. It’s 1998.

*so don’t quote me.