Unreliable and second-hand gossip from around the world*

Lindsay Lohan

The train wreck of a former actress showed up late once again to a Los Angeles court appearance looking exhausted and disheveled. Lohan had little excuse for her tardiness other that she was under the weather. The judge was unsympathetic and immediately turned to addressing the laundry list of misdemeanor charges against her relating to a car accident earlier last year. And in related news: The sun rose this morning, and puppies are cute.

Corey Clark

You may not recognize the name, but he really really wants you to. The American Idol cast-off from Season 2 first drew media attention when rumors circulated that he was having an affair with his then-Idol judge, Paula Abdul. Next, Clark joined a group of Idol rejects who claimed the show was racist. Now, Clark is once again suing the show, this time because the show explained that Clark’s elimination was due to an undisclosed arrest prior to the show’s airing. Hmmm, no talent, sex scandals, arrests and legal battles…this guy may very well Kardashian his way to the top.

Nicki Minaj

The wildly flamboyant rap star apparently is going through a rough patch with boyfriend Safaree Samuels. Apparently, Mr. Samuels was discovered in a bedroom during a private party getting busy with a porn star-turned-aspiring actress. In his defense, it was a dimly lit room and the girl was wearing fuchsia lipstick, a neon green wig and a leopard jumpsuit…it was an honest mistake.


The hot mess of a pop star has just inked a deal with MTV for her own reality show. My Crazy Beautiful Life will debut in upcoming months and will feature Ke$ha doing what she does best: rocking the party. I tell you, these kids today. I remember a time when if you wanted to watch a trashy girl get wasted, dance like a crack head, pick a fight for no reason and barf in the gutter, you simply had to walk around the corner to the nearest club. Have we really gotten that complacent as a society?

*so don’t quote me.