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Monica Lewinsky

Apparently the former White House intern has been offered $12 million to write a tell-all book about her "inappropriate physical relationship" with President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky will reportedly describe in salacious detail multiple sexual encounters, including the events that led up to the notorious stained blue dress. Wait. Hold on a second. Did I go back in time? What year is it?


According to some thinly veiled social media posts, it seems the pop star may have a collaboration in the works with Rihanna. Ke$ha has reportedly been posting photos of Rihanna’s signature ‘R’ logo on Instagram, leading fans to speculate what the pair is working on. It’s not a song or anything--apparently, they’re just swapping torn fishnets and body glitter.


Twi-hards can breath a sigh of relief: We're told Robert Pattinson has forgiven Kristen Stewart for her infidelity and the Twilight lovers have reunited. According to insiders in both circles, all is forgiven and the two are closer than ever. They plan on staying closer than ever until the opening of the final Twilight installment, after which, contractually, they never have to see or speak to each other again.

Lindsay Lohan

And in yet another vehicular transgression, the troubled actress was arrested in New York City last week for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her car. Former Guns ‘n Roses lead guitarist Slash was quick to leap to Lindsay’s defense, tweeting that the whole thing was a paparazzi stunt that had been blown out of proportion. Well, with a character witness like that…

*so don’t quote me.