The Atkin Kitchen, Clayton Road

Housing intricate cherry wood cabinetry and a custom arabesque tile backsplash, this kitchen proves that neutrals can make a massive impact. The double-thick granite countertop is ‘fantasy brown’ and features a 6-centimeter elite over-cove edge. “The homeowner desired a more connected space, but we were confined by the width of the kitchen,” designer Nancy Spewak says of the desired, but unobtainable, center island. Mike Beck, owner of Beck/Allen Cabinetry and designer of the kitchen layout, designed what they are calling the horseshoe island, which “allowed the homeowner to have the look that she wanted within the confines of the space, and it became the highlight of the room.” The elongated cherry cabinetry showcases highly-detailed hand-cast bronze hardware and 11-inch molding. “It was an elaborate carpentry job,” Spewak says, noting the intricate moldings, while praising the impressive work of Landmark Builders.