Every year, we encourage proud parents to enter a photo of their little cutie, ages 2 to 4, and then the illustrious readers of Ladue News vote in our online poll.

This year was no contest, though, as 4-year-old Amelia Daly stole the hearts of LN readers to become the 2018 Ladue News Lil’ One winner!

Amelia is described by her mother, Toni, as a “spitfire” – surely a requirement when the younger sister of three brothers. Amelia loves all animals, especially zebras, rabbits and puppies. She even has her own puppy, a Frenchton (a French bulldog and Boston terrier mix) she named June Bug. According to Toni, Amelia thinks she is June Bug’s trainer and “trains her to do anything she wants.” Amelia loves animals so much that when she grows up, she wants to be a “vet doctor.”

Amelia also loves going on vacations, especially to Chicago, where she can visit the American Girl store. She not only loves playing dolls and house with her friends but also can frequently be found impromptu dancing to her favorite artists, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.

By Alecia Humphreys | Photos by Sabrine Rhodes

Shot on location at  the Saint Louis Zoo.

LN Wishes to Thank: The Daly Family and the Saint Louis Zoo