SkinBe Med Spa wants you to be you: The new Chesterfield medical spa offers cutting-edge, customized aging and wellness treatments aimed at achieving the best-looking, best-feeling you.

“The skinBe mission is about being the best version of yourself, and that begins from the inside out,” says CEO Beth Donaldson. “Be you, whatever that is, and make sure you take care of you – because when you feel good, you look good.”

After more than a decade of working in the anti-aging and wellness industry with a national leading medical spa, Donaldson dreamed of branching out on her own “to create a global anti-aging and wellness revolution that brings together the art of aesthetics with the science of wellness to help our clients look and feel their best.”

That dream came true when she launched skinBe last December with a unique range of customizable treatments and medical-grade skin care to restore and refresh your skin, deter aging, decrease stress and boost your body’s immune system – including a one-of-a-kind dripBar.

Each new client receives a complimentary anti-aging and wellness assessment from a skinBe “master nurse injector,” an advanced practice nurse who reviews patients’ medical histories and evaluates current health status prior to treatment. “Everything is customized and designed to fit each individual based on their needs,” Donaldson says. “Many of our clients come in for both intravenous nutritional therapy and anti-aging treatments because both help individuals become the best version of themselves. All skinBe treatments are noninvasive and require little to no downtime to fit into your lifestyle.”

The spa strives to “nurture your uniqueness” through individualized services, which include a dripBar for IV nutritional therapy, a method of feeding a “cocktail drip” of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream to correct nutrient deficiencies at the cellular level. The IV delivery method allows up to 100 percent of the nutrients to be absorbed by the body, versus oral intake, which only allows 20 to 30 percent nutrient absorption due to limitations in the digestive process and other factors.


“Most Americans are dehydrated and deficient in nutrients – because of our environment, diet and lifestyles,” Donaldson says, noting that IV nutritional therapy can help many of these issues. “The therapy is more of a holistic, natural approach to wellness and has been shown to help with [boosting your] energy, immune [system], and physical and mental performance,” she says.

In the comfort of the dripBar’s relaxed atmosphere, clients can choose to relax, read or work at a desktop station while their IV “cocktail” is administered. A larger lounge seating area also is available for groups, meetings, events and parties. “I designed the space and vibe with a mindset of creating a state-of-the-art clinic and extending a welcoming environment to everyone,” Donaldson says.

Following an individualized assessment, clients can opt for a custom IV “cocktail drip” created based on their anti-aging and wellness goals or make a selection from the dripBar’s proprietary “cocktail drip” menu: Known as the “skinBe anti-aging and beauty blend,” Donaldson says the Queen B cocktail drip helps to restore collagen production and is loaded with antioxidants for healthy hair, skin and nails. The Deelicious provides essential nutrients for wellness that rehydrate, energize and support overall health. To refresh the mind, body and soul, Donaldson says the Royal Flush supports the flushing and removal of toxins and resets health.

The Liquid Gold cocktail drip is the perfect blend to boost immunity and decrease inflammation, Donaldson says. And the VIP Cocktail Drip provides a rush of energy and antioxidants to help you tackle the demands of your daily routine.

Donaldson says drip frequency and nutrients are specific to each individual’s needs and goals. “We generally recommend new clients begin with weekly drips to build up their immunity and deficiencies, then create an individualized treatment plan based on their specific situation, at which point it is typically biweekly or monthly,” she explains.

SkinBe has many clients who report increased energy and immunity and even relief of chronic symptoms related to autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and fibromyalgia, Donaldson notes. “Clients are using IV nutritional therapy to increase their energy and hydration, and many clients have credited weekly dripping sessions with their ability to avoid illness,” she says.

The medical spa also offers anti-aging treatments, including aesthetic injections, such as Botox, dermal fillers and Kybella, and treatments, such as hair restoration, that include the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which may improve soft-tissue healing. Botox injections can diminish facial fine lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers can add volume and lift to the face. Kybella, an injection that destroys fat cells which are then metabolized and flushed out by the body, can remove small pockets of fat under the chin, as well as in the mid- and lower-back areas.


PRP treatments combined with microneedling also are available. Microneedling is a collagen-stimulating treatment that is often paired with PRP to improve skin texture, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scars. Using PRP activates stem cells for healing, restoration and repair, according to Donaldson.

Because regular treatments are encouraged for best results, the spa offers skinBe VIP, a monthly membership that includes a complimentary maintenance treatment and exclusive savings on all services and products. Clients can visit the website, skinbemedspa.com, or call 636-778-7200 to schedule an appointment at the spa, which is open seven days a week.

SkinBe’s client success stories, from feeling better to looking better, have inspired Donaldson to want to touch even more lives across St. Louis and beyond. “We want to help others embrace their uniqueness,” she says. “Be who you are.”

skinBe Med Spa, 128 Chesterfield Valley Drive, Chesterfield, 636-778-7200, skinbemedspa.com

Brittany Nay, a writer of 10 years, is an Indiana native who adores Australia, indie rock music, and reading and writing both fiction and non-fiction.