Makeup is an art form that constantly evolves from season to season and year to year. Even the tools of the trade share names similar to those of a painter, such as brushes and palettes. LN sat down with a modern-day makeup artiste about the latest evolution in the beauty world.

Emily Miller, a St. Louis-based multitalented makeup artist and hair stylist and the owner of Emily Miller Makeup and Hair, has worked with many famous faces and prominent clients. Her biggest customers, though, are everyday St. Louisans. “I have a team of 15 hair and makeup artists,” Miller says. “Together, we service almost 300 bridal parties a year, hundreds of events, corporate and commercial, and photo shoot clients. Pretty much [covering] any reason you need to get your hair and makeup done.”

For those curious, Miller’s list of big-name clients includes former Vice President Joe Biden, supermodel Karlie Kloss, actor William Shatner, author Meg Cabot, Glee actress Erinn Westbrook, Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and numerous others. She’s also worked with all of the major television networks, as well as MTV.

Miller has made a name for herself in the industry, and now she shares her passion with others. “I started another piece of my business in 2014, a 12-week makeup certification course for anybody interested in becoming a professional makeup artist,” she explains. “It teaches strictly makeup, and you don’t have to travel to the East or West coasts to learn this. If someone wants to learn the art of bridal or commercial makeup application, there is nothing else like this class in all of Missouri.”

Here, Miller breaks down the new focuses in her field, trend by trend.

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Breathable Skin

Celebrity Inspiration: Alicia Keys

The art of lining your face using professional makeup techniques to perfect cheekbones, create a thin nose and thicken lips has loaded down our skin with layers of product piled upon product. “This past year, makeup was all about cover, cover, cover and highlight, highlight, highlight and contour, contour, contour,” Miller says. “You see it all over Instagram and social media … all these videos drawing lines on the face. It got very heavy. So, now, we seek the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Conceal only where you need, with as little as you can possibly get by using.”

To master the look, think minimalism. Creating breathable skin requires a little TLC, as it’s more about the preparation than the application. Cleansing the face is a vital first step, followed by a layer of protection. Your arsenal of products, though? You can probably carry them all in one hand. It’s all about feeling strong in your own skin. Fresh-faced and fierce should be your beauty mantra for this look.

◗ Treat your skin each night, and allow it to heal using a night cream or oil. In the morning, cleanse and apply a good moisturizer to keep your skin feeling nurtured all day long.

◗ Skip the primer. “For this look, the makeup is good without even using primer,” Miller notes.

◗ “During the day, switch to a mineral liquid foundation,” she says. Miller recommends MAC’s Mineralize ($38). If you require concealer for blemishes and imperfections, she suggests using MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer ($22). “Just dot where you need it,” she advises, to avoid too much coverage.

Lip Gloss

Celebrity Inspiration: Blake Lively

Matte reigned supreme for a long time, but 2017 is bringing back the gloss. A dose of dewiness for your pucker delivers a youthful appearance, giving lips dimension. To achieve a shine worthy of the pages of a fashion magazine, bring out your own natural lip color through sheer coverage, or add a tint to up the oomph factor. “You can get a gloss with a stronger tint, if you feel you need color,” Miller says.

◗ “NARS has a gloss called Gold Digger [price varies] that looks pretty on everybody,” Miller says. “It actually has some gold flecks in it and can go on any skin tone.”

Black Liner

Celebrity Inspiration: Victoria Beckham

“Black liner has always been in,” Miller says. “This trend, though, is more about an imperfect black liner. Everyone can do a version of it. Don’t place it perfectly like a wing. Line the top or bottom [of your eye], but not both. On hooded eyes, I line the bottom. On almond-shaped eyes, I maybe line the top but not the bottom. And no wing! If you don’t want a defined look, smudge it a bit with a brush. It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

◗ “For those who [worry they] can’t pull off black, use dark brown or neutral lines – not warm browns,” Miller advises.

◗ “For this look, I recommend not buying kohl [eyeliner], which can be very runny,” she shares. “Urban Decay’s 24/7 Black Velvet [$20] lasts a long time.”

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