With the start of each new year come new goals (sometimes d.b.a. aspirations or the dread resolutions). Although you may have set annual goals about health, fitness, family and hobbies, ladies, you may not have included a goal involving your beauty routine – so consider tackling one or all of these four beauty-related goals for 2018:

Go makeup-free at least once weekly. Many women fall prey to thinking they need to wear makeup daily. Although some may prefer that, try to let your own skin go without cosmetics at least one day a week. Learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, which will look so much more vibrant when it can “breathe.” The dermal benefits you’ll reap from this goal should delight you – and all your admirers.

Create a skin care routine that works for you. If you already have a skin care routine that works, don’t mess with success. If you lack such a routine or if your daytime and nighttime routines need help, though, make 2018 the year to improve that, ladies! Start by finding a face wash, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen you like, and incorporate them into your daily dermal doings.

Get more sleep. Although a challenge, especially for extremely busy women, log more quality time with your pillow! Achieve this by trying to go to bed a bit earlier than usual till your body clock has reset itself. So-called beauty sleep is real – and really necessary!

Treat yourself to a facial. Every woman gets busy and sometimes forgets to take care of herself, but this year, strive amid the hourly, daily and weekly hurly-burly to make a little more “you” time! Do so by booking a facial – just because.

With luck, ladies, you can add these goals (in part or in whole) to your list this year and achieve them with ease. In 2018, resolve to better take care of yourself, your skin and the rest of your body!

Kimmie is LN's Beauty Buzz columnist. Specializes in helping women with fashion and beauty tips on her blog. Wife, dog mom, and shopping enthusiast.

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