Sometimes you see a piece of clothing and instantly imagine who would wear it. 

A fashionable person with a small closet sounds like the plot of a sitcom episode, but to Diedre Gray, it’s just a reason to have a more curated wardrobe.

With their bright, fun pattern and cheeky connection to cartoon royalty, it seems Lilly Pulitzer-patterned Mickey Mouse ears would describe St. Louisan Holly O’Bert’s personal style best.

St. Louis is consistently acclaimed for its charitable citizens – and the city’s plethora of philanthropic events are routinely known by locals as havens for sharp dressing. 

Susan Barrett lives at the intersection of fashion and art.

Woman about town Susan Sherman is known both for her work in St. Louis and her great sense of style.

Many people say staging can make a sincere difference in real estate, as a great first impression can be the difference between a sale and a stagnant property. 

She’s classic, with a twist – and she has the closet the masses lust for. Instead of being limited to a small nook in a bedroom, Tania Beasley-Jolly, marketing director of Saks Fifth Avenue St. Louis, has the sales floor of a department store.

You might not expect a staffer at a financial advisory firm to be particularly fashion-savvy, but then again, Katie Trout didn’t come to the finance industry in the traditional way.