“I love my mother so very much because she is truly the ultimate in being non-judgmental, loving, enthusiastic, outgoing, positive, generous, appreciative, considerate and friendly. I wish I had a nickel for every time someone has told me how much they love my mother. She always sees the positive in everything and everybody. She makes everyone feel like they are the most important person on the planet. I don’t know how she could be any better or more lovable.”

Randy McDonnell and his mother, Pris McDonnell


“My mother is a very giving person. She’s always thinking about other people and not herself—whether it’s with charities or with her family, that’s her pretty much in a nutshell.”

Andrew Strauss and his mother, Mary Strauss


“Our mom is always smiling. She lights up a room, and has a special gift for making everyone feel right at home. And she gives great big hugs! Growing up, she taught us the importance of commitment—and she leads by example as a champion of community and charitable organizations. She’s a loving, devoted wife. She taught us the importance of giving all we have to what we do, to be our best selves. Now, we all continue that commitment, making life count, just like Mom.”

Wendy Brumitt, Bryan Voss and Julie Catron, with their mother, Carol Voss


“Facebook, email and text messages are no match for the beautiful, handwritten letters my mother sends me. I have boxes full of notes and cards from my mother. In her own special way, she has told me she is proud of me, and how thankful she is that I returned to my hometown of St. Louis. My mother goes to great lengths to select the perfect card and stamp; and after all these years, I’m still amused by her use of a dateline – i.e. ‘St. Louis, Jan. 5, 2014.’ Her written word is incomparable, as is she.”

Jasmine Huda and her mother, Roushan Huda


“My mom always placed the wants and needs of my sister and me above her own desires. While we were growing up, she gave up her career as a nurse in order to take care of us at home. Her love and support shaped who I am today. I still draw upon advice and wisdom that she shared while growing up, and pray that I will be as good of parent to my own son as my mom is to me.”

David Steward and his mother, Thelma

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