The new year is the perfect time to celebrate a new beginning, which is just what Corey Stranghoener and Brian Reuwee planned when they set the date for their Jan. 2, 2010 wedding. Having gone to school in Maine, Corey says she loves the snow and was excited to have a wedding with the theme ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside.’

    It was also fortunate timing for her bridal party: “All but one of my bridesmaids were out of town in graduate school or lived far away,” she says. “I wanted to plan it at a time when they would be off school and home. And we thought New Year’s Eve weekend was a neat time to celebrate.”

    Since most of the guests were from out of town, the rehearsal dinner at the Missouri History Museum doubled as a New Year’s party, she says. After that, there was a day between the rehearsal and the wedding, so the family planned weekend activities for guests, visiting St. Louis’ winter sights such as the Steinberg Ice Skating Rink, Tilles Park and drinking hot cocoa at the house. “You can do things for your guests that are specific not only to St. Louis, but also to the season,” says Daria Stranghoener, mother-of-the-bride.

    The wedding itself took place at Webster Hills United Methodist Church. The reception was held at Old Warson Country Club, where Corey and her father Raymond Stranghoener surprised everyone with a duet of Baby It’s Cold Outside, accompanied by the Ralph Butler band.

    When the celebration was over, the couple honeymooned in Hawaii. “There were negative temperatures and ice here, so it was good timing!” Corey says. LN



Distinctions in Fashion, Nancy Lehtman

    Taffetas are a big fabric for winter weddings, but it’s important to remember that even during the winter you’re still going to be inside. To get a very heavy fabric in winter is not necessarily so important.


Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries, Chris Peimann

    A wedding and reception in one place, like The Sheldon offers, is the key to a successful winter wedding, because no one should brave the elements more than once!


Ken Meisner’s Flowers, John Sullivan

    Evergreens, winter berries, berry eucalyptus and hypernicum are wonderful and appropriate for the winter season. I love eucalyptus and Dusty Miller because they have that frosty look. There are surprisingly a lot of flowers that are available—I love tulips and amaryllis at Christmastime. Another option is feathers, which can have an almost fur-like look. 


Encore Baking, Francie Valenta

    I think it’s always nice when a bride orders an icy, light blue-iced wedding cake with a winding cascade of hand-cut and embossed white, shimmering sugar snowflakes. A white and silver look is so beautiful. It looks magical when the light shines on the cake.