What’s the secret to helping a bride feel the most confident, the most beautiful and the happiest on her wedding day? Here are some tips I have learned over the years:

1. Focus on the love you share with your groom. If you truly love your soon-to-be husband, you cannot experience anxiety at the same time. One will cancel out the other.

2. Shake your arms and feel stress go out your fingertips—physical movement is freeing and relieves stress.

3. Think of yourself as the most fabulous bride to ever walk down the aisle—and the truth is, at that moment, you are, you truly are.

4. As you prepare to walk, grab your father's arm and hold on firmly to reassure him that you are ready for this life-changing rite of passage.

5. Another important thing: Smile! A smile lights up your face, it will be a huge relief to your groom and the serotonins released by smiling will help you in saying your vows strongly and confidently.

6. Give your father that at-the-altar kiss with all due affection. And then when you turn to your groom, think of something meaningful to whisper to him, like You make me happy, I love you or You look so handsome, as you proceed to the altar. This will revitalize you both.

7. Speak up with confidence. Keep your voice clear and strong. Your voice reveals your emotions, and joyful, confident tone will say it all.

8. Be friendly with everyone at the reception. Delight in the fact that everyone has come to celebrate your special day. Introduce your groom to anyone he may not know, and compliment him often. When meeting family and friends of the groom for the first time, express your desire to get to know them better.

9. Have fun, it's a party! Never drink too much and never lose sight of the fact that a bride should be elegant. Being carefree and confident does not equate with vulgar actions. Have a good time, but remember all eyes are on you.

10. Look at your groom throughout the reception. This is the loving partner you are going to share your life with—what could be a bigger confidence boost?

It's not rocket science, but for the most important day in your life, these tips may help you enjoy and remember it in every way.


Wedding expert John Sullivan has worked with partner Ken Miesner for 30-plus years at Ken Miesner's Flowers in Plaza Frontenac, where they have collaborated for some 1,200 weddings! 'Like' him on Facebook under 'Wedding Wisdom,' where guests are welcome to post pictures, and leave comments and opinions.

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