Why are people so rude? Who told them they have the right to pry into a newlywed couple’s business? This idea has had a buzz on the Internet lately, so I recently asked five of my newlywed couples about some of the rudest questions/comments directed at them since their wedding.

Here is the worst of the worst:

• I sure hope you signed a prenup.

• When are you going to have a baby?

• Are you pregnant? (asked in the receiving line)

• You would have looked much better in your dress if you had/had not gotten breast augmentation.

• You could have done a lot better.

• What happened to that guy you were engaged to before?

• How’s the sex?

• It only gets better.

• It only gets worse.

• Are you going to be able to go out solo after the wedding? Will he/she allow it?

• So nice to see a ‘real woman’ in a bridal gown and not all these size 2s.

• How’s the old ball and chain?

• Were your parents in fits that you married a A. Gentile B. Jew C. African-American D. White guy E. White girl F. Mexican G. Someone so much older/younger than you?

• Hope all the money spent on this wedding is worth it.

• Who paid for this wedding?

• The groom’s/bride’s family is all so fat. Aren’t you concerned about any children you are going to have?

• I always thought he/she was gay.

• OMG, who picked those bridesmaids’ dresses?

• You aren't using ‘Dinkelheimer’ as your last name, are you?

• How much did that bridal consultant/ wedding dress/ florist/ meal per person cost?

• You know, our entire table was not served cake or coffee.

• Did you know the toilet in the ladies/men’s room is stopped up? (asked at the reception)

• You know his/her reputation—better keep a short leash on that one.

To use ‘computer lingo,’ I have two comments: MYOB and KISS (mind your own business and keep it shut, sweetheart).

Wedding expert John Sullivan has worked with partner Ken Miesner for 30-plus years at Ken Miesner's Flowers in Plaza Frontenac, where they have collaborated for some 1,200 weddings! 'Like' him on Facebook under 'Wedding Wisdom,' where guests are welcome to post pictures, and leave comments and opinions.

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