Wedding Wisdom

Usually, the first thing a bride-to-be wants to discuss with a floral designer is color.

  •  White is the classic wedding choice—elegant and pure. There is nothing more exquisite than a flawless bouquet of white roses or peonies.
  •  Pink is a feminine, romantic choice. The paler, blushing tones are refined and lovely; while the other end of the spectrum—hot pinks and raspberry tones—are bold and exciting.
  •  Blue is not a color often in the flower world. But the choices we do have are cool, serene and classy. Grape hyacinths in the spring, hybrid delphinium and corn flowers in the summer, and now there is almost-year-round availability of blue hydrangea.
  • Purples keep popping up every couple of years as the color of the year. Purples run from dramatically dark to eternal when in shades of lavender and lilac. Purples tend not to wear their color after sunset: The dark tones go black and the subtleties of the lighter shades become lost.
  • Hate it or love it, yellow is cheerful and positive. You have to be careful with yellow flowers regarding fabric and skin tones. When they work, the results are charming, youthful and happy.
  • Another love-it-or-hate-it color, orange can be rich and fiery. The soft melon tones are stunning and mix so well with blues and greens.
  • Red, the color of passion, always is a great match for the intense sunlight of a summer day. Some cooler red tones look wonderful in winter, especially at holiday time with evergreen and holly.
  • Green is my most favorite of all colors. The tones run from the deep hunter green to the almost garish Kelly green to the sweet softness of a light, minty green. Foliages always have been green; but more and more green flowers are coming into the floral markets every day: callas, roses, cymbidium and dendrobium orchids. We all love the freshness of viburnum (or ‘snowballs,’ as we called them as kids). And then there is the old standby: the always fresh-looking and almost always available, green hydrangea.

We used to try hard to use the old color wheel to complement and contrast. These days, a good designer can make any choice you pick look exciting and alive. Try to be open to some new ideas to go along with your blue wedding (or pink, yellow, etc.), and you’ll be surprised and delighted by what’s been done in commercially grown flowers and the expert hands of a seasoned designer.

Wedding expert John Sullivan has worked with partner Ken Miesner for 30-plus years at Ken Miesner's Flowers in Plaza Frontenac, where they have collaborated for some 1,200 weddings! 'Like' him on Facebook under 'Wedding Wisdom,' where guests are welcome to post pictures, and leave comments and opinions.

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