Like it or not, same-sex unions, marriages or commitment ceremonies are happening—and happening in a big way in this country. At Ken Miesner’s, we have been asked to provide floral services for several such occasions.

For the majority of younger people who grew up watching Will & Grace and now, Modern Family, same-sex unions seem to be a non-issue. Plus, these days, athletes, movie stars and even TV news anchors are ‘coming out’ publicly.

As far as etiquette goes, should you receive an invitation to attend a same-sex ceremony, treat it as you would any other wedding invitation. You send a gift. If you choose to attend the ceremony and/or reception, please do so appropriately dressed. If your objection is so great you would feel uncomfortable attending the wedding, I suggest you RSVP that you will be unable to be there. It also is proper that you send a card of congratulations on a gift.

If you can’t bring yourself to do any of the above, I would just let it go. It’s all wrong etiquette—to not acknowledge your invitation with a gift or card—but it’s done so frequently even in traditional weddings, I don’t think your non-gift will even be noticed.

For the most part, all aspects of the ceremony should mirror the tone and formality of a traditional wedding. Except, instead of asking, Which one is the bride’s side or the groom’s side?, perhaps the seating arrangement should be dictated by friends and family on Mary’s side versus Ann’s side.

Same-sex marriage is not right for all couples, but it is my opinion that it is their choice to make—not the government’s. I’m probably going to draw some flack here, but I feel it is a human-rights issue which will eventually have nationwide support.

Spewing hate against those who are ‘different’ has never been right. Just ask Pope Francis, who recently said, Who am I to judge? when asked about homosexuality. Yes, the pope. So, if the pope is going to leave the judging to God, what do you think we should do?

Wedding expert John Sullivan has worked with partner Ken Miesner for 30-plus years at Ken Miesner's Flowers in Plaza Frontenac, where they have collaborated for some 1,200 weddings! 'Like' him on Facebook under 'Wedding Wisdom,' where guests are welcome to post pictures, and leave comments and opinions.

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