The venue is chosen, the photographer is hired, and the cake is selected (after careful sampling, of course). Your spring or summer wedding is quickly approaching, and while you have all of the big decisions checked off, you wonder what other personal touches can be included to make your day even more special? Katie Fogerty, owner of Envy Events and lead coordinator for St. Louis Wedding Consultants, has tips for meaningful additions to any wedding:

  • WELCOME BASKETS ARE A NICE GESTURE for out-of-town guests who may have traveled long distances and spent a lot of money to attend your wedding. A gift basket left in their hotel room is a thoughtful way to welcome them to your city. Include items with a St. Louis theme (like the Cardinals), along with an explanation of why you chose each item to give your guests some familiarity and connection with the area. A note from the couple, as well as a weekend itinerary, map and other information also will help them feel comfortable.
  • CHOSE INVITATIONS AND STATIONARY THAT WILL SET THE TONE FOR THE WEDDING. Don’t skimp on the quality and distinctiveness of your invites. You can work with someone who does custom stationary for around the same price as going into a store and picking something out of a book.
  • IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO FAVORS, DO THEM RIGHT. Many times, the bride and groom will spend money on thank-you favors and then are left with half of them when guests leave at the end of the night. Instead, make a donation to a charity, or do something unique that people will remember and want to take home—food is always a popular choice.
  • SHOW YOUR GUESTS YOU CARE. For example, include a note inside the reception place cards from the couple to each guest that reminisces about a shared memory. It may only be a few sentences, but it shows you took the time to think about them.
  • PERSONALIZE THE WEDDING. Print five to 10 questions and answers about the couple on cocktail napkins or coasters and spread them around the reception. It’s a nice way for guests who may not know the bride and groom as well as their best friends to learn about the couple.
  • A VALET IS AN INEXPENSIVE AND NICE SERVICE FOR YOUR GUESTS. Many couples are unaware that it will cost them only $2 to $4 a car. Hanging a signed thank-you note on each person’s rearview mirror also is a small, but thoughtful gesture to end the evening.

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