Laura McCarthy and Seth Jarman first met at a mutual friend’s Valentine’s Day party, and Laura knew early on that the relationship would be a serious one. “There wasn’t one moment I can point to, but over time, Seth started to feel like family to me,” she says, adding that they were so sure that they were meant to be, they bought a house together. “The ring was more of a formality,” Laura says.

Seth proposed during a ‘staycation’ at The Chase Park Plaza before dinner one evening. “I had Champagne hidden behind the curtain.”

The wedding was April 13, 2012, at Little Flower Catholic Church, with Laura’s uncles—a priest and a deacon—performing the ceremony. Seth says although much of the day is a blur, he will never forget how he felt during the ceremony. “There’s something about making a promise to someone you love in front of everyone you know that feels unbelievably important.” Rather than depart in a classic car, the couple opted for their own, bright-red Mini Cooper. “It felt old-fashioned and more authentically us,” Laura says. “And having that quiet time, just the two of us, was really special.”

A cocktail-style reception was held at the Contemporary Art Museum. “CAM immediately felt right,” the bride says. “Seth has a very strong artistic background, and I work a lot in Grand Center. We also live nearby in the Tiffany Neighborhood. And when you book an art museum, you get amazing surprises like the drippy, jovial mural in the event space. Then you can go back and visit any time you want.”

Laura and Seth say that although planning the wedding was a wild process, they emerged as a stronger couple. “It’s absolutely true that the wedding is not really about the groom, but there will be times when you need to be the glue that holds everything together,” Seth says. “And talk to your fiancée about the things you’re going to do once you’re married—and then do them. The wedding is just the beginning.”

The couple visited Chaumette Vineyards in Ste. Genevieve after the wedding, and in August will visit California to camp their way up the coast from Santa Barbara to San Francisco.

Laura McCarthy & Seth Jarman

April 13, 2012

The Bride’s Parents

Dennis and Maggie McCarthy

The Groom’s Parents

Dale and Georgia Jarman

The Ceremony

Little Flower Catholic Church

The Reception

The Contemporary Art Museum

The Wedding Dress

Maiden Voyage

The Rings

Summa Jewelers

The Florist

Flowers to the People

The Cake

Troy Bakery, Troy, Ill.

The Caterer

Russo's Catering

The Band

Playlists created by bride and groom

The Photographer

JJ Lane, Be Lovely Photography

Matron of Honor’s Dress


The Tux


The Invitations

Designed by groom