The visual aesthetics of a wedding are important for creating a memorable atmosphere on a bride and groom’s big day. We asked Brian Blasingame, director of visual design for Butler’s Pantry, to share some popular trends that couples can incorporate into their spring or summer weddings.


  • Vintage has been a key word for many brides lately, and that look can be achieved in the bouquets with flower varieties that are abundant in petal count, like peonies, garden roses and hydrangeas. Those are very soft, feminine, garden flowers that have a throw-back feel.
  • We’re also seeing a resurgence in romantic designs, instead of the contemporary, clean-line look. Now bouquets are more informal in their physical shape—they can be more loose and organic, which adds to a softer, romantic style.
  • Clustering and textural components in bouquets also are popular wedding trends. If you have 10 types of flowers, group each variety in a cluster instead of equally distributing them throughout the arrangement for visual impact. Including textural materials like stems of berries or ivy also adds to the organic, garden-style look.


  • The container for a centerpiece is not just a vessel to hold flowers, but an opportunity to extend the design. Choose containers carefully to help further define the visual characteristics of the arrangement. If you’re going for a chic, romantic garden design, you might use mirror-lined or leaf-lined cylinders on the tables.
  • Brides like the collection style— using several different components for the table, instead of one. For example, you can use different bottles, vases and mason jars, each holding just a few flowers. Each individual container may look simple on its own, but the overall impact is achieved when you gather them together.
  • You also can do centerpiece collections that are more sleek and streamlined, using three containers of different heights, each with one flower type. You can mix that look up for each table, creating variety while keeping cohesion across the whole look.


  • Personalization throughout the entire wedding is very important now, even down to the lighting, because it gives the bride and groom a chance to express themselves, both individually and as a couple. For example, if they love nature, they may choose a lighting effect that spreads the illusion of branches across the ceiling or walls of the venue.
  • Candlelight is a key factor, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor reception. Put a collection of hurricanes on some of the table centerpieces for a romantic glow. Use hundreds of votives to line the walkways for outdoor receptions. Arrange tealights on the ledges of windows in a loft space. Fill the fireplace and mantle in a farmhouse with lots of pillar candles.

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