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It is considered the most important day of your life—and you don’t want to spend it worrying about tables, décor and dealing with vendors. Brides who want to plan their own festivities often feel overwhelmed by the way things will—or will not—come together on the big day, and St. Louis event organizer Kate & Company offers a unique semi-planning services to help these brides stay blushing, not flustered.

“Our ‘day of’ service is where we come in for the last 90 days and help with the finishing details,” says owner Katie Fogerty. This includes time-consuming specifics, such as creating timelines, counting RSVPs, explaining parking and scheduling vendors. “The last 90 days can be a stressful time for any bride.”

With the assistance of Kate & Company the day of the wedding and the three months beforehand, details about the big day are understood and the bride is familiar with the staff— a combination that could offer more relief and assurance than working with a stranger for merely a few hours.

While picking out colors and patterns may seem right up a bride’s alley, the overwhelmed feeling can sprout from any bridal decision, no matter how comfortable she is in event-planning. “It’s more about the feeling of how everything comes together,” says Fogerty of brides’ predicaments. According to her, one common problem can be décor items: With chargers, linens and flowers coming from multiple sources, seeing the end result isn’t easy. “It’s really hard to visualize— if you don’t do this on a regular basis— how they’re going to come together on the table… and who is going to put them on the table.” Not only can Fogerty and her team take care of tablescape set-up at the event, she can do so beforehand in her showroom to make sure it meets the bride’s approval.

Other levels of event assistance include the partial, full and unlimited planning packages, which offer preferred vendor discounts. While the company will work with any vendor the bride desires, it does have a list of recommendations, of which many come with a discount. Instead of accepting kickbacks from vendors, Kate & Company passes the savings directly to the couple. Fogerty calls accepting kickbacks a “moral dilemma,” explaining her desire to remain unbiased in vendor selection. “I think it’s in the best interest of the client.”

Kate & Company also offers customizable packages, meaning a bride who originally purchased a partial package but becomes overwhelmed mid-engagement may upgrade her plan as needed. This flexibility isn’t the only notable aspect of the organization— Kate & Company also uses some of its proceeds to give back to area organizations and charities, meaning your hard-earned wedding money eventually helps out the St. Louis community.

“Every year, we choose a charity to donate our time and resources to plan an event for them,” says Fogerty, noting the upcoming Mercy Hospital Children's Therapy and Development Center gala. The gifting will continue to clients and fans, as a celebratory week of giving and helping is on the horizon in honor of Kate & Company’s one-year anniversary this June. “Every day is a giveaway on Facebook, but we’re also giving back to the community,” she says, explaining that each of her employees picked a charity for the company to work with for a day. With popular items such as a KitchenAid mixer given away and time being donated to philanthropic groups, these surprises may not have come off the bridal registry, but they might be even better.



ON THE COVER: Kate & Company, located at 132 West Monroe Ave. in Kirkwood, offers wedding, event and engagement planning services. For more information call 909-9996 or visit kateandcollc.com.

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