Team Charles

January 8, 2010

Most people can manage to lose a few pounds on their own—cut out the sodas and junk food, take the stairs at work, and sign up for a spinning class and you’re in business. But when the desired weight loss is bigger, it is also more daunting—and then there’s the issue of keeping it off, which requires a whole other skill set.

    Enter Charles D’Angelo, a local weight loss coach who has helped scores of St. Louisans—including Ladue resident Christine Buck—lose thousands of collective pounds. Team Charles Weight Management Program emphasizes healthy eating and appropriate exercise, and the approach is based on D’Angelo’s ability to help clients get—and stay—motivated.

    D’Angelo understands firsthand the importance of moderating weight for both physical and mental health. “When I was a child, I used food as a distraction,” he says. “By the time I was in fourth grade, I weighed more than 200 pounds! As a junior at CBC High School, I tipped the scales at 360 pounds and had a 50-inch waist.” A cycle of self-consciousness, low self-esteem, bullying and overeating persisted. “I never felt like I fit in,” he recalls. “I withdrew from everything and used food as emotional support.”

    When he was 18, D’Angelo had what he describes as an epiphany. “By that time I would sweat profusely at the slightest exertion. I got tired of the whole situation. I started to educate myself through research and through modeling individuals whose quality of life I admired. I wanted to know what they were eating, how they were exercising,” he recalls. By the time he was in college at Saint Louis University, D’Angelo lost a whopping 160 pounds.  His dramatic story attracted attention. “I started speaking to local schools and promoting the message that good health isn’t out of reach for overweight kids,” he says. D’Angelo has appeared on CNN and Fox News, and was featured in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines. He was even featured as a ‘Shirtless Sweetheart’ in Cosmopolitan magazine. His career path was clear.

        During his time as a student at SLU, D’Angelo earned certifications in personal training and nutrition and started his own weight loss company. “I even helped my college professors lose weight!” he beams. “I think of myself as a coach. I am good at helping people get motivated, helping them stay consistent and developing a program that works for them.” He works one-on-one with clients, designing a diet and fitness plan tailored to their needs.

    “Diet and exercise are critical, but sometimes the most important thing is discussing the root of a person’s issues with food and how to achieve lasting change,” D’Angelo says. “It’s not about any specific diet plan—any healthy diet will work. It’s about the motivation. I believe that it’s all about getting a person so charged-up about their future, what’s possible, that they want to stick to their program. There are many people far more ‘degreed’ and with more scientific backgrounds than me, but there are few who can help people change as quickly as I do,” he says.

    D’Angelo often works with patients in conjunction with their medical professionals, especially in individuals where health is jeopardized. Dr. Barb Caciolo has worked with him several times and is impressed by the results achieved. “I have referred many patients, and what I like about Charles is that he has a no-nonsense weight loss strategy that is medically sound and successful,” Caciolo says. “In fact, I refer to him as a ‘life coach.’ I’ve seen sustained weight loss results in my patients and have even been able to eliminate prescription blood pressure and lipid lowering medicines because of it.”

    At only age 24, D’Angelo already has an impressive clientele and says he has helped several Ladue residents reach their weight loss goals. He reports that 26 of his clients have each lost more than 100 pounds, and he has before and after pictures to prove it lined up on his wall. He shares his message weekly on KPLR 11 News at Noon, discussing weight loss and motivation. “I feel blessed for every opportunity to help influence a person’s life for the better,” D’Angelo says. “I take it quite seriously. I know many of my clients credit me for their transformations, but the truth is I don’t do the changing—I simply do everything I can to help them change themselves.”  

Charles D’Angelo, St. Louis weight loss guru, has helped hundreds of St. Louisans lose weight, including 26 who each lost more than 100 pounds! For more information, call 495-3228 or email Visit to see some of the incredible transformations. His office is located in Webster Groves.

Pictured on the cover: Charles D’Angelo. Design by Julie Streiler