If you noticed something new and different about this week's edition of Ladue News, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We’ve redesigned the publication from cover to cover, starting with the familiar Ladue News logo. It's just one of several important changes we’ve made throughout the paper with the hope of enhancing your reading experience every time you pick up a copy. Rest assured that we’ve retained the things you love most and expect to find in Ladue News—we’ve simply improved the packaging to give the paper a sleeker, more modern design that appeals to our sophisticated and discerning audience.

For those readers interested in the details, the major changes include new typography, an updated, more vibrant color palette and more open, eye-pleasing pages. In addition, we’ve created four distinctive departments—LN Society, Living, Diversions and Real Estate—that we think will give you more of a sense of ‘place’ as you page through the publication.  

And because we live in a digital world, we’ve also improved the LN online experience for those readers who prefer to get their Ladue News that way. Going forward, we will be enhancing our digital presence with more robust social media and video components designed to complement our website and recently introduced iPad app.

When all is said and done, we hope you find the visual changes we made to Ladue News an enhancement to an already great media brand that’s now celebrating its 31st year of publication. We’re proud of where we’ve been, but we’re also really excited about where we’re going—and we’re thrilled that you’ll be coming along with us.


Justin Nangle


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