Forgive & Forget

I just wanted to share my difference of opinion regarding your recent Editor’s Note (about Tiger Woods). Your first point—forgiveness has to be earned—is incorrect. True forgiveness is something one does without conditions attached. We are all so quick to be opinionated. Why should we expect Tiger, Kobe, Andre or anyone to live up to lofty standards that would prompt our own shortcoming if in the same situation?



I’ve always enjoyed the Ladue News for many reasons, but I wanted to thank you for the LN Prep Sports pages. Our student athletes work very hard and it’s nice to see their accomplishments as they progress. A special thanks for including ice hockey. Club sports get so little attention, but the players have grueling, six-month schedules. It’s nice you provide the recognition they deserve.   —Diana Sprich

Partisan Politics

In your Editor’s Note, you express concern that the current person inhabiting the White House is being too harshly judged for his poor choice of words in several instances. I can only assume your concern was also expressed during the years when President Bush was constantly berated for some of his lack of finesse in speaking. Certainly only a hypocrite would defend the current president yet remain silent during the eight years he was raked over the coals.  —Amy Basore


This is a fan letter! So many times…we’ve read the Ladue News and torn out your Editor’s Note to pass along or read again. We truly enjoy your point of view, your choice of words and your boldness. Carry on! We need you in our zip codes!  —Connie and Dan Burkhardt

Diggin’ Duggan

Thank you for the generous spread on the salute to lil’ old me. I am most grateful for your kindness.

—Martin Duggan

Research Riches

Loved your column on the outreach and research findings from The Siteman Cancer Center. We are so proud of the accomplishments under Dr. Eberlein. —Ruth Siteman

Our Tony-est Spot

We have received so many wonderful comments on the recent article about our Tony’s in Ladue News that I wanted to thank you and your reporter for taking the time to notice and savor all that we offer. We prize our “impeccable, but unobtrusive service” and put a great deal of thought into our “elegant but understated décor.” —Vincent Bommarito

Unmannerly Mess

My wife and I wanted to drop you a line supporting your recent opinion that the way some members of Congress were treated was disdainful. Thanks for speaking some common sense.

—Joe and Pat Lintzenich

Poetic Justice

Thanks for putting my photo in your recent calendar section regarding my poetry reading. I was delighted when six friends I grew up with in Ladue—and I mean from age 3—arrived at the reading! When I asked how they knew about it, they told me, “saw it in Ladue News. We always read it; it comes right into our home!” —Nancy Powers

Power of the Press

A belated thanks for your amazing attention to Sign of the Arrow’s hostess items. I can’t tell you how many people have told us they saw the feature. Coverage like this makes such a difference for the shop and the important agencies we support through our proceeds. —Leslie Masaki

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