This year’s Friends of CharacterPlus event was hosted at the Moulin on Chouteau. St. Louis based vocalist of The Urge provided the music. CharacterPlus finds schools in the St. Louis area that they wish to introduce a program that emphasizes character building resulting in education building. Ce Andre Perry, principle of CharacterPlus’ newly adopted school, was in attendance. “It’s going to make a big difference,” he comments. He believes that it will take his school to the next level. CharacterPlus approached them to help further the future of not only the school, but most importantly the students. Through this three year program, CharacterPlus will collect the data surrounding the current progress and protocols of the school, gauging the approach that they need to make a difference. Over the remainder of the three years, they fund and implement a structure proven to teach students lessons that not only strengthen learning potential, but also personal morals. After such time, CharacterPlus hands the reigns back over to the school and finds the next community to impact.

Photos by Andria Graeler