Veiled Prophet Organization: Civic Service

His Mysterious Majesty at the Veiled Prophet Ball

   The Veiled Prophet Ball celebrated its 125th anniversary amidst all the splendor and pageantry that has made it one of the most fabled events in the country. “It’s definitely the social event of the year in St. Louis,” says Veiled Prophet Organization spokesperson Thomas Cooke. “From the staging and costumes to the triumphant return of the Veiled Prophet to his adopted city of St. Louis and the queen’s introduction, there’s nothing quite like the grandeur and majesty of the ball.”

    The festivities began with the singing of the national anthem by America’s Got Talent winner and Missouri native Neal Boyd. Entertainment during the Queen’s Supper was provided by Nashville-based Pat Patrick Band. There was also a special time set aside to commemorate the ball’s milestone anniversary. “We brought out some memorabilia for the members to see and enjoy,” says Cooke.

    As everyone knows, much of what happens during the ball is kept under wraps, but what’s no secret is the reason for the gathering. “It’s a celebration of these young ladies whose credentials are pretty impressive on their own,” Cooke says. “But we salute them in today’s world for their commitment to community service, which they begin early on.”

    Cooke says the organization’s commitment to the community as a whole characterizes its lengthy history. “We have a very clear mandate to promote the City of St. Louis and improve the quality of life for its citizens,” he explains. “Throughout the years, we’ve carried on that tradition of doing positive things for the community.”

    The organization’s Community Service Initiative has partnered with several agencies this year to continue its mission. “These young ladies, their fathers and their entire families have collectively dedicated thousands of hours each summer to doing meaningful projects,” Cooke says. “It’s become a very rewarding part of The Order.” He adds that the organization plans to extend its mission in the coming year. “We’re really committed to strengthening the franchises we’ve created—the parade, the fair and Live on the Levee, to name a few. Those events are operated by our volunteer staff and members,” he says. “We’re always looking at ways to make everything bigger and better.”