Bobbie Myer

Bobbie Myer, a 29-year volunteer at Our Lady’s Inn, says she started working with the organization because its mission held a personal importance to her. “Someone near and dear to me went through this, and this person didn’t want to stay in St. Louis. At the time, being single and pregnant wasn’t accepted,” Myer says, “She wanted to go out of town and needed someplace to stay. After going through an agency, she found a place that was loving and accepting. So I saw how important that was, and I guess that’s why I got started.”

    Myer feels passionately about giving women who are homeless and pregnant an alternative to abortion. “The bottom line is building families,” she says. “Someone came to us recently in her first few months of pregnancy. She was in her early- to mid-20s, which is a little older than many of the girls who come to us. She had her baby while she was with us, and she finished high school, got her associate’s degree and had her son. Now she comes back and volunteers, and she sets a good example for the other girls.”

    Myer started out on the Our Lady’s Inn staff shortly after it opened, and later became a board member. After retiring from the board, she has been a part-time volunteer for 15 years. “I do anything they need me to do, which ranges from driving clients to doctor appointments, doing food pickups, and sorting through food donations,” she says. “I also volunteer once a week at the resell-it shop we recently opened to support Our Lady’s Inn.”