"The kids are their own reward,” says attorney Bill Grant of his work as board president of Caring for Kids. “It doesn’t take much to change their lives.”

When it comes to kids in need, Grant knows what he’s talking about. As a guardian ad litem for the St. Louis County Court system since 1978, he’s advocated for countless children living in a neglectful or abusive home environment. He’s also seen a lot as a principal at Margulis, Grant & Margulis P.C., where he handles divorce, custody and juvenile court cases.

Although kids’ needs may be simple, the results can be profound, Grant says. Take, for example, a kid with terrible headaches who just needs a pair of glasses. Or a family that will lose parental rights if they don’t clean up the house and furnish beds for every child, as mandated by the court—but can’t afford to do so. “Our first goal is always to reunite families,” he says.

Grant became involved with Caring for Kids after working with founder Susan Block for several years while she was a judge in the County courts. He has served on the board since 2005.

“It’s a pretty active working board,” Grant says. When program director Jan Abrams gets a request for something costing more than $200, she e-mails the board to ask for discussion and approval. “We’re looking to see, is this going to lend toward some resolution?” Grant says.

Currently a member of the St. Louis County Domestic & Family Violence Council, Grant also has served on the board of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and Deaconess Hospital, among others. All along, his interest has always been in kids. “It’s one of the few areas that you can still make a difference and do more than just put a band-aid on the problem,” he says.