When…Jasmine Cross, Alex Johnson and Jessica Motz were awarded the first inaugural Class of 2002 Memorial Scholarships at Lafayette High School Senior Awards Night? The scholarships are in honor of three class of 2002 members who have passed away in the last six years. Pictured, in front: Jill McDonnell, Jasmine Cross, Alex Johnson and Jessica Motz. In back: Bob and Cindy Maessen, Ken and Cathy Gabel, Becky Trigg and Rich Finneran.

When…approximately 175 union electricians and electrical contractors with the Electrical Connection volunteered to make homes safer for disadvantaged St. Louisans? Volunteers performed electrical upgrades and checked for potential structural flaws caused by the recent earthquake at 44 homes. The volunteers donated more than $90,000 in services and materials.

When…the Porsche Club held its spring driver’s education event? Those attending the event donated money to drive their cars on the racetrack, with the proceeds benefiting the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Pictured: Geoff Baltz, Sue Slocomb and Menelos Karamichalis.