Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation executive director Dan Buck with the Glennon Card co-chairs, Cindy Brooks, Brigette McMillin and Sarah Dow.

The dedication to children at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center is so strong, the work to fund the operation must be forceful itself. Now in its third year, the Glennon Card—a fundraiser through Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation and Glennon Guild that provides discounts to cardholders—finds itself with new perks and more aggressive goals than ever.

“We want to see a 50-percent increase in our sales again—we’d like to sell 3,000 cards,” says Glennon Card co-chair Sarah Dow. “Last year, we sold 2,000 cards, and that was a 50-percent increase from the previous year. Our goal is to spread the word broadly throughout the St. Louis area to get as many people involved as possible.”

The $50 Glennon Card provides cardholders with a 20-percent discount between Oct. 25 through Nov. 3 at a multitude of area businesses. Merchants range from sporting-goods stores to clothiers, optical centers to florists, with a wide variety of salons, pet-service businesses and restaurants also in the mix. “I believe we are at over 300 now,” says Dow of the merchants. Even a handful of 2013 Ladue News Platinum List winners are participating, including Brio Tuscan Grille, Paperdolls Boutique, Laurie’s Shoes, Imagination Toys and more.

The 2013 card features 79 new merchants, according to Dow, including new sponsor and participating merchant Waterway Carwash. “It’s really not a difficult sell once they understand that it’s a pretty easy program for them,” Dow says of convincing area businesses to participate. “It’s such a great group of people who buy the card, and a great organization that a lot of people can get behind.” The 2013 card also is offering a new Register to Win contest, where eight one-year memberships to Waterway’s Clean Car Club will be given away.

“We have a history of involvement with the community; in particular, we have close relationships with organizations that benefit children,” says Waterway Carwash managing partner Shaun Nordgaarden. While the advertised Glennon Card discount is 20 percent at participating businesses, Waterway will not only provide the eight contest prizes, but a 50-percent discount to all cardholders for the entire 10-day card period. “It’s about connecting with the community and benefiting the children at Cardinal Glennon.”

To grab a Glennon Card before the discount days begin, stop by any of the 100-plus merchants carrying the card, or visit


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