Gary Godwin

Photo by Sarah Crowder

Since 1956, the Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute has been committed to promoting mental health through psychoanalytic education and treatment programs.

The institute extends that commitment to the community through its educational center, led by faculty dean Britt-Marie Schiller. The center provides mental health professionals, from psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers to school counselors and teachers, with psychoanalytically-oriented training and continuing education through graduate and post-graduate courses. Through training programs covering family relationships, chemical dependency, bullying and other school and work conflicts, the institute aims to support the healthy development of residents’ minds and emotions, explains institute board member Gary Godwin. “We provide insights into the core dilemmas from childhood to adulthood, based on one-on-one contact through therapist and patient.”

To further impact the community, the institute’s Herbert S. Schiele Clinic offers low-fee psychoanalytic treatment, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and diagnosis and referral services for St. Louis-area residents. More than 140 social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors who have graduated from the institute's adult programs, as well as 30 child therapists, annually serve more than 500 patients. Additionally, the institute houses the Betty Golde Smith Library, an extensive collection of psychoanalytic literature easily accessible to the community.

In an effort to raise awareness of its mission, the Psychoanalytic Institute will hold Spring Fling: Uncorked on April 29 at the historic Magic Chef Mansion in Compton Heights. The cocktail party will feature hors d’oeuvres from Balaban’s, wine and entertainment, including live music, mansion tours, and a wine-themed silent auction. About 150 attendees are anticipated for the event, with a goal of raising $60,000, Godwin says. The event brought in $45,000 last year.

The gala funds will benefit the institute’s child development programs. “We provide professionals with the advanced training they require to support the emotional needs of kids,” notes Godwin, who also is serving as this year’s event chair. Therapists, social workers, teachers and counselors are trained in theory and practice to aid kids and understand their emotional lives, he explains. “They are addressing childhood problems and offering parents and kids the tools to provide happy, healthy and vibrant kids.”

ON THE COVER: Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute, which provides an array of psychoanalytic education and treatment programs in aid of mental health, will host its annual fundraising gala, Spring Fling: Uncorked, on April 29 at The Magic Chef Mansion. Pictured on the cover: Gary Godwin, Cheryl Griffin, Curt Engler, Paul Wentzien and Cathy Krane. For more information, call 361-7075 or visit

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