Old Newsboys

___, Jackie and Lou Brock and Carl Bolm

More than 80 kids put on new complimentary school uniforms each year through the help of Manasseh Ministries. “It helps their self-esteem and  motivates them--and lets them know someone cares,” notes Rev. Richard Jackson.

Manasseh Ministries provides the uniforms for area youth with the support of Old Newsboys Day, which annually awards $3,000 grants to more than 250 children’s charities that may not be funded by the United Way, federal, state or local government. Old Newsboys, which was founded in 1957 by former St. Louis Globe-Democrat publisher Duncan Bauman with a mission to “rewrite the future” of local kids, has raised more than $11 million for charities that help area families with essential and emergency needs.

The volunteer-driven organization collects donations with the help of 36 local business leaders and their companies, as well as its trademark fundraiser, Old Newsboys Day, on the Thursday before each Thanksgiving. On Nov. 15, thousands of volunteers, led by Eagle Bank CEO Michael Walsh for the third consecutive year, again sold special editions of Suburban Journals on street corners to benefit the nonprofits. “We are thankful to the Suburban Journals for having the heart to want to care about these agencies, but more importantly about the youth, who need to know someone cares,” Jackson says.

Jackson emphasizes how Manasseh’s uniforms program gives families, some of whom are getting back on track following the incarceration of a parent, a three-fold opportunity: to mark that item off their budget list, to become familiar with the ministry and to gain access to its other programs, including complimentary necessities such as clothing and school supplies, job-readiness courses, healthy relationship groups, one-on-one mentoring and re-entry classes for ex-offenders.

Old Newsboys, which hopes to collect $500,000 during the course of this year’s campaign, also raises funds through events, such as its new golf tournament, and longtime, dedicated donors, including Lou and Jackie Brock, who have supported the organization for 15 years. Old Newsboys’ volunteers say many donors such as the Brocks continually contribute to the organization because so many families can be reached through the hundreds of charities it helps annually.

And Jackson says those local families and charities take note. “They appreciate it. And above all, it lets them know that God loves them.”

ON THE COVER: Founded in 1957, the volunteer-driven Old Newsboys Day organization aims to “rewrite the future” of local children through annually aiding more than 250 children’s charities. For more information, call 475-1201. 

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