A toast to the hard work by these patrons who supported a wide variety of nonprofits this year!

Mary Ann Srenco

1. With Devyani Hunt and Andy Srenco at the World Chess Hall of Fame's Queen's Gala

2. With Jackie Yoon, Cabanne Howard and Dorte Probstein at the DaDa Ball

3. With Sophie Srenco and Ken and Nancy Kranzberg at Independence Center's Dancing with the St. Louis Stars event

Richard Mark

1. With Maureen Moore and Jackie Joyner-Kersee at the Power of Women Olympic Gold Gala

2. With Debbie Kersting, Jake, Luke and JoAnn Shaw at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk

3. With Missy Mark at Mathews-Dickey's 'Say Amen' benefit

Barbara Goodman

1. With Bobby Sanderson at Saint Louis Art Museum's Beaux Arts Council Dinner

2. With LN's Trish Muyco-Tobin and Millie Cain at the Ladue News Show House

3. With Mary Strauss at Grand Center's Visionary Awards

Nanci Bobrow

1. With Carol Voss and Joan Quicksilver at the Women of Achievement luncheon

2. With Alice Handelman, Fran Zemmler and Joan Quicksilver at the Women of Worth Awards, where Bobrow was honored

3. With Dr. James Bobrow at NCJW's Celebrating Women event

Thelma and David Steward

1. At Variety Children's Theatre's Peter Pan premiere

2. With Vanessa Cooksey at the 10th annual Salute to Women in Leadership

3. at St. Louis Arc's Superheroes for Kids event

Phyllis Langsdorf

1. With Ken and Libby Langsdorf, and Sarah and Matt Adess at the Women of Worth Awards

2. With Ken Langsdorf at the Saint Louis Art Museum's grand opening of the East Wing

3. With Paul Reuter, Karen Cotner and Ken Langsdorf at the International Photography Hall of Fame's grand opening

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