Whether the intent of your remodeling project is to update a worn-out space or transform it entirely, check out tips and trends from the pros before you draw up the plans and stir up the dust.

David Dunlap, Consolidated Construction

>  Think wide open spaces. There is a trend to combine rooms in an existing floor plan to create larger spaces and better flow. A homeowner can convert existing doors and/or door widths to achieve this effect.

>  Preserve historical integrity by replicating original wood or plaster millwork. Crown molding, picture and chair rails create an authentic, period look.

>  Ceramic tile and hardwood flooring are replacing wall-to-wall carpeting. The addition of accent strips, medallions to hardwood and using different sized tile as well as changing the orientation, can make a dramatic difference for relatively low cost.

>  As a homeowner, play an active role in the design and selection of materials and finishes. Communicating how you live will only enhance your living environment.

Bob Robben, Robben Contracting

>  What’s old is new again. Antiques are making a comeback as well as plaster archways.

>  LED lighting peaks the interest of homeowners but can be costly. ‘Scratch the itch’ by incorporating it in small doses with LED strip lighting under cabinets.

>  Quick and easy often doesn’t constitute quality. Quality is in the details, achieved with high-end materials and skilled assembly. 

>  Giving a kitchen or bath a facelift without a total remodel doesn’t get to the bare bones of the room and address potential problems with plumbing and electrics.

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