Nothing makes a more dramatic statement—either indoors or out—than setting off your home’s best features with lighting. Some local experts discuss exciting innovations that have caught their attention.

Terri Rowell, Amini’s Home, Rugs and Game Room

>  People are looking for designer elegance, but nothing too fussy. It’s not about a lot of crystal or multi-tiered glass fixtures. The trend is toward transitional fixtures that are neither too traditional nor outright contemporary.

>  There are hundreds of different metal tones now available. People are looking for muted colors and bronzes, but also polished nickel and chrome.

>  Because of the new government regulations about energy-efficient bulbs, we’ve been educating our customers on CFL lights to help them make the best decision. Everyone is concerned about color correction—you don’t want the bulb to change the look of the fixture.

Jeff Mitchell, Mitchell Lighting

>  We have patent-pending garden lights that are completely flush, in-grade lighting systems. You can’t see the fixtures at all unless they’re turned on, so in the daytime, they blend totally into the mulch.

>  In-concrete fixtures that illuminate the driveway and mark the edges have made great strides. The nice thing is that you can drive over them, so if you hit one with a car or snowplow, it will survive.

>  We now have lights that are designed to be flush in the front steps. It’s almost like the strip of lights you see in a movie theater aisle.

Matt Muenz, NiteLites

>  LED lighting isn’t new, but a lot of people are scared of it because they see other people’s solar lights and think that’s what they’ll end up with. If it’s done right, LED is the top dog.

>  We’re doing so much more with residents pre-construction. If you’re getting a new driveway poured, call beforehand and you can get a much better look with less labor than if you try to go back and incorporate it two months after construction.

>  A lot can be done with motion-sensor lighting—lighting is the biggest deterrent to theft. We can do an entire system so that if one sensor detects movement, the whole system will turn on, and there’s no dark corner for an intruder to hide.

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