Elements and features once considered luxurious in the bath have evolved tremendously from even a decade ago. Like kitchens, current trends in baths are about convenience and making people feel more comfortable and content in their homes.

Dave Dunlap, Consolidated Design Construction Group

> A major trend in hall baths is creating more space, especially one that is used by guests. By installing a pedestal sink and going with open storage for towels, you can make the space feel a little larger.

> For master baths, one trend that is gaining in popularity is doing away with the standard bath/shower combination and jetted tubs. Folks just don’t have the time, and they would rather have a larger, walk-in shower.

> In these larger showers, they want lots of water. The challenge is that water conservation is coming into play with various codes now in place. But the trend seems to be two lower volume showerheads, which still allow for lots of water.

> Heated floors and warming drawers that are built into the cabinetry for towels are becoming more popular. 

> Vessel bowls are trending down because they are a challenge to clean—the higher maintenance is not worth the artistic design.

Stephanie Elzein, Graniterra Kitchen, Bath & Stone Design Studio

> People want their bathroom to be like a spa. Make your bathroom feel like one and create an open, airy, natural feel by using any materials from nature, like natural stone.

> Keep the palette neutral and use texture by mixing matte and shine finishes. Glass mosaics or polished marble or granite adds shine and interest. A nice combination is matte countertop with mosaics in a backsplash or in a shower.

> Floating cabinetry also creates open and airy feel. When the cabinetry is attached to the wall, you can light it from underneath.

> An oversized walk-in shower, often without a door, using a granite slab for a shower wall gives a seamless, streamlined look.

> Larger floor tiles, 16 inches by 16 inches or larger, are easier to maintain and make your bath feel larger.

When a kitchen or bath is in need of a quick aesthetic fix or sprucing up, there are several products that can bring back shine, update a look or even give the appearance of natural surfaces.

> Larry Mintz of Amazing Kitchen Cabinet Finishes specializes in applying special finishes to existing cabinets and vanities. The special finish takes only three to five days and can be used on many surfaces, including wood, metal, Formica and fiberglass. The three-layer process is available in more than 15 colors with a choice of a flat, satin or gloss top-coat.

> Marc Lutz of Contemporary Refinishing offers tub and tile refinishing and applies a special coating to vanity countertops, tile walls and floors, and backsplashes that replicate the appearance and durability of granite. With 72 colors to choose from, it’s scratch resistant, and the process takes about two days.

> Tabatha Veach of Miracle Method describes the use of acrylic urethane, which is the hardest coating available, to restore bath tubs, and fix rust spots and chips. Miracle Method also applies Natural Accents finish to cultured marble, tile walls and floors to give the look of natural stone. Available in earth-tone colors, it’s a multi-colored, variegated type of finish that adds a little bit of a texture to surfaces. S

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