A Higginbotham Brothers home in Richmond Heights’ Sedgwick Place neighborhood is the subject of this year’s ‘real home critique.’ The 1 ½ story, 3,500 square-foot home in the Ladue School District features crown molding throughout. It has been extensively updated in the five years since the current homeowners purchased it, with improvements to many of the floors and walls, as well as complete remodeling of the kitchen.

    We brought in three real estate agents to tour the home and suggest what changes they would make if it were going to be put on the market. All agreed that for a spring sale, potted plants would really show off the front walk. Inside, the removal of a collection of tribal masks was another unanimous suggestion. The decorations shouldn’t be so unique that they draw the potential buyer’s focus away from the house itself, they say. From there, each agent had her own ideas.


Coldwell Banker Premier Group

• The open layout is very spacious, and the molding and updates are very nice.

• Neutralize the paint in a couple of the rooms such as the master bath. That way, people can walk in and think they won’t have to do a thing. 

• There is a lot of great detail, which people in this market are looking for. However, I would remove any knickknacks.

• The half-finished basement provides a lot of extra space, and the full bath and in-the-wall wine cooler are great.

• The day of the showing, make sure that all of the lights are on and all of the curtains are open to let in a lot of light. The home is both bigger and more open than some houses in this neighborhood. It would show well.


Janet McAfee Real Estate

• Remove some of the extra furniture such as a pair of ottomans that are placed in front of the fireplace. They hide some of the really great detail in the room.

• Minimize the family pictures and decorations. You want a perspective buyer to picture themselves in the space.

• Freshen any scratches or wear and tear that you overlook on a daily basis, especially door frames and moldings. I would also recommend painting the front door, so right off the bat the home seems inviting.

• Buff the floors to really make them shine.

• In the finished basement, show off the multiple uses—it could be a study, an entertaining area, or a space for kids to watch movies.


Laura McCarthy Real Estate

• For the built-in bookcases, consider changing the backsplash paint color to something that pulls from the olive green wallpaper in the nearby entryway. It would be more neutral and tie the two rooms together.

• The kitchen is beautiful! I wouldn’t change a thing in that room. Just make sure that everything is off the counters.

• Get rid of the dog bed and toys for a showing.

• In the walk-in master closet, remove about half of the shoes from the shelves. If they’re stacked up, buyers will think there isn’t going to be enough room for their clothes.

• In any house, have the carpets and windows cleaned, as well as any outdoor lighting fixtures. If those are dirty or dusty, it’s the first thing people notice.

• The guest room is a very light, almost white color. Paint it a darker neutral to create something memorable about the house. The same goes for the upstairs bathrooms—any time you have white cabinets, you should have color on the walls.

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