Getting what you want always starts with knowing where to look. And the real estate market is no different. “Having an extensive conversation with clients to determine their priorities and lifestyles when considering a new home is the primary step in the search process,” says Kathy Crane of Laura McCarthy Real Estate. Here, local real estate agents have given us insights into good places to start your home search, depending on your family’s priorities.


“We are so fortunate with the number of great school choices whether they are public, private or parochial. Clayton, Ladue and Brentwood schools are desirable because of the quality of education, but also because of the size of the districts, which allows for smaller class size.”

--Kathy Crane, Laura McCarthy Real Estate

"If your child is extremely gifted or has special needs, the Rockwood School District is set up to handle those special requirements like no other, in my opinion. Each of their elementary schools is set up with a specialty, so parents can shop for a home in that area and get the special attention right from the beginning of their child's academic career.”

--Margie Medelberg, Prudential Alliance Realtors



I live in Warson Woods, so Kirkwood is a home base for me, and I know the kids from the Catholic grade schools get a half day the first Friday every month, and go to all the restaurants in downtown Kirkwood. There are lots of cafes and restaurants, and there are more and more boutiques. Amigos has an outdoor area that’s popular in the summer, the kids ride bikes to Tropical Moose for sno cones. Kirkwood park has ice skating, a lake, tennis courts, a great Fourth of July celebration and the Greentree parade.”

--Margie Kubik, Gladys Manion Real Estate

“Clayton is one of my favorite walking areas, particularly along Wydown Boulevard from Hanley to the park. It is one of the prettiest boulevards around. Kirkwood, Webster Groves, University City, and the CWE, being more urban, are all wonderful with restaurants, shops, etc., well within walking distance.”


Central Location

“If money is no object, Clayton. It is our Michigan Avenue. It is clean, safe, fun and there are so many different things to do within a short walk or bike ride. There’s also great access to the highway, as well as to the airport and downtown. It will cost you more to live there, but the convenience factor is huge.”


Close to Amenities

“Clayton and the West End. You know you are close when you can walk home from dinner.”


“The CWE, Kirkwood and Clayton. A lot of the restaurants cater to the younger crowd in their 20s. And because they’re coming up with a lot of condominium developments, they’ll have a lot more people there, especially young people.”


Tightknit Community Feel

“Overwhelmingly Kirkwood. Even with all the new construction and improvements to downtown Kirkwood, they have managed to maintain the “coming home feel.” Whether it is the seasonal banners on the streetlights, their parades, or the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving, it is a flashback to a time when you actually had time to get to know your neighbors.”


“Webster Groves and Kirkwood have the small-town feel with town centers that many people love. Many people grow up in these communities and never want to leave.”


Access to Outdoors

“The CWE and Clayton are conveniently located next to Forest Park, one of the best parks in the world, with access to many affordable (if not free) family activities that can be used year round! The best!”


Room to grow

“In Ladue, Frontenac and Chesterfield, you can get a decent lot, larger homes, and high-quality public schools. ”


“A little-known secret in West County is Wildhorse Village/The Highlands, a complex of homes off Wildhorse Creek Road ranging from $450,000 to $900,000. They have three subdivision pools, tennis courts, walking trails and a soccer field. It’s the perfect place for families where your children can jump on their bikes on summer mornings and return home for dinner.”


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