There’s a reason all those designer homes look so fabulous—the pros know how to pull a room together with uncontrived style and incorporate the most current looks while they’re doing it…Designer flair doesn’t have to mean a full-scale makeover. We can use advice from the pros to tweak our decor into shape.

Carolyn Peterson, Carolyn Peterson Designs

•  Traditional patterned fabrics are everywhere. Look for toile in unexpected combinations like pink or yellow, not just the traditional black and white.

•  A velvet sofa is cozy, elegant and surprisingly practical. Choose a ‘boxier’ shape in a cool neutral like taupe, charcoal or khaki.

•  Chandeliers have moved beyond the dining room. Fun chandeliers in fresh colors are showing up in kids’ rooms and even in walk-in closets.

•  Wallpaper has been ‘over’ for a long time, but it’s becoming popular again. Look for big, graphic designs that make a bold statement.

Mary Steiven, MKS Designs

•  People are buying less, but demanding better quality. Avoid ‘disposable’ furniture.

•  Update your decor in a single stroke by introducing a splash of orange.

•  Don’t be a clutterbug! Pare down the knickknacks and streamline your rooms. If you have a collection, group the pieces together for maximum impact.

•  Mixing styles and periods adds interest and makes individual pieces stand out. Try a crisp, contemporary lamp on a vintage table for unexpected style.