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You may be one of the millions of people making eco-friendly changes around your home, but have you thought about going green in the garage? Garages store more than cars. They hold paint and cleaning supplies, tools and lawn care equipment — all of which can pose environmental hazards. Some tips from Black & Decker can help you ‘green’ your garage.

Go Gas-Free

Millions of Americans continually work hard to improve their backyards, but what does that mean for the environment? According to the EPA:

- Gas-powered lawn equipment produces as much as one-tenth of the smog-forming pollutants from all mobile sources.

- It is estimated that the few ounces spilled during refueling lawn and garden equipment alone total about 17 million gallons of gasoline, most of which evaporates into the air and contributes to pollution problems.

- The average gas mower produces as much air pollution in one year as 43 new cars driving 12,000 miles each!

Keep your garage and the area surrounding clean without the mess of gas-powered products. Gas-free products like power-less mowers means no fumes, no unnecessary trips to the gas station and no gas to potentially store or spill. And when you use them — zero emissions in your yard.

Make Recycling Easier

The garage is the perfect place to set up your own home recycling center. It’s also a high-traffic location, reminding your family to make recycling a habit. Avoid clutter by investing in stackable recycling bins, and reach out to your local recycling center for sorting requirements and regulations.

Get Energy-Efficient

Make sure your garage is well insulated. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that sealing and insulating garage walls and ceilings can be a cost effective way to improve energy efficiency and save money on utility bills. This can include weather stripping, installing energy-efficient windows and an energy-efficient door from the garage to your house. Going green in the garage is easy—on you and on the environment.

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