It seems home technology updates faster than most people can keep up with. Get a head start by selecting items that are sleeker, lighter and can store more memory. It is also best to consolidate equipment and make sure anything you purchase will lower bills and energy usage in the long run.

Felix Williams, The Screening Room

ânº  DVD purchases and movie rentals are becoming things of the past. Digital downloading is the future of home entertainment. Being able to watch videos, look at pictures and listen to music on multiple devices is the way to go.

ânº  Kaleidescape allows users to store their entire collection of DVDs and CDs on one device, and allows for viewing or listening throughout the home. The Kaleidescape also prevents DVD or CD damage and loss.

ânº  Think smaller, thinner, lighter and better when investing in home technology. Anything that has larger memory or space available but comes in the smallest package possible is something to consider when purchasing for the future.

Matt Muenz, Nitelites of St. Louis

ânº  Invest in LED lighting to lower lighting costs. LED lights not only last for up to 10 years but also reduce energy usage dramatically. LED lights are UL listed and rated and allow for huge reductions in power consumption.

ânº  Smart home systems let homeowners travel more easily while reducing their costs at home. Homes with this system allow users to get on the Internet, check the weather at home and lower or raise the thermostat accordingly, right from a computer. They can control their lights, audio, TVs—all of which will continue to be important as the economy and our eco-system are at a constant flux.

ânº  Although LED TVs are expensive, they use less energy and in the long run pay off when it comes to electric costs.

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