While fads fade and trends drop from sight, home finishes that feature classic design will last over time and create a timeless backdrop as your style transitions through the years.

Carolyn Peterson, Carolyn Peterson Designs

ânº Any piece that has classic, clean lines can be turned into something trendy by covering it with a material that’s hot at the moment—it can always be returned to a traditional look. A sofa with arms and a basic camelback is a good example of traditional furniture. A wing chair is another piece you will continue to see over time—a classic design that looks so great next to a fireplace.

ânº Look in magazines from 10, 20, 30 years ago to see the lines of real traditional pieces.

ânº With wood furniture, keep to medium shades of brown, like walnut or cherry.

ânº A real timeless chandelier is a basic fixture that you find from centuries ago. Stay with a classic size—not oversized or with colored stones, which is the current trend.

Josie Robison, Ooh La La Home Furnishings

ânº Anything timeless is something that you have fallen in love with—whether it’s an amazing sofa or a smaller piece. If it’s something you love, it will last as long as you like.

ânº Use colors and textures that feel right. You don’t have to be neutral to be timeless.

ânº Be careful with sizing—your proportions need to be correct to your room.

ânº With fixtures and finishes, remain cohesive throughout your home and be true to its architectural style.   

ânº Wood floors are a timeless investment, and if you decide to change the look, throw rugs are a great option.

Anne Smith, June Roesslein Interiors

ânº In a dining room, 18th century mahogany never goes out of style. Timeless heirloom pieces are always in vogue. Colors and fabrics come and go, but case goods have longevity. Mahoganies and cherries are staples—they are timeless.

ânº Invest in a traditional crystal chandelier—whether it’s with silver or gold is subjective.

ânº Architectural styles have changed frame proportions of upholstered furniture as ceilings and rooms have dramatically increased in size over the years. But some frame styles are lasting, like the camelback sofa. When its fabric wears out, it’s replaced because the design is classic.

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