If you want to create a luxurious bath with timeless appeal, invest in quality fixtures that are environmentally friendly and long-lasting materials like granite, marble and limestone for stylish countertops and floors.

Chris Berry, brooksBerry Kitchens & Baths

ânº Natural stone countertops are timeless and durable, and there are many unique colors coming out of Africa, the Middle East and Brazil. Most granites have strong vein patterns and colors, and that’s what goes in and out of fashion. I suggest looking for a stone early in the design process and building the bath around that color.

ânº Granite wears well in bathrooms. It is naturally acidic and will not break down—most will take acids and all types of abuse. But some granites are harder than others and some will stain, so proper maintenance is recommended.

ânº Marble and onyx are both especially elegant stones for a master bath. While both require some maintenance, there are some wonderful new sealers that will protect your investment.

ânº White fixtures—a white toilet and sink with a brown stone tile floor—provide a neutral backdrop to any color added with accessories and to walls.

ânº Countertops with crushed quartz assembled with resins are great for a more contemporary look. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals, down two places on the hardness scale from diamonds, so it is very resilient.

Dave Dunlap, Consolidated Design & Construction Group

ânº When considering elements for a timeless bath, fixtures are most important, followed by flooring, countertops and how the room is finished off. 

ânº With water sustainability and some of the code requirements that are on the horizon, newer fixtures have improved in design and technology, and are more efficient with a lower gallon-per-minute dispersion.

ânº For quality bathroom products, I recommend Kohler and American Standard. They both perform well and offer more variety and style, especially with toilets.

ânº With a bathtub, consider how you will use it. If you want it for soaking, a claw-foot tub is a timeless piece that is deeper than today’s standard tub. And jetted tubs are nice from a therapeutic standpoint.

ânº As for walls, floors and countertops, timeless, durable marble is the standard. Tile patterns can be even more lasting—in particular, the one-inch hexagon-shaped tile is has been around for decades and remains popular today. And once individually set by hand, more intricate designs can be achieved with mats consisting of little pieces that are already laid out, making the process quicker and less complex.

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