Even if your home is move-in ready, certain staging mistakes could turn off potential buyers. Next, we met three other real estate agents at a home in Frontenac to discuss what improvements could be made to increase its selling price, as well as and ease buyers’ minds.

Steve Engel, Elizabeth Real Estate Group

SPRUCE THINGS UP. Freshen up the entrance by removing fallen leaves and adding fresh mulch. Check your brickwork to see if tuckpointing is necessary.

GO WITH THE FLOW. Remove any furniture that is blocking the flow of the room, such as a floating sofa near an entrance.

WELL-KEPT CLOSETS. Minimize what is inside of closets and make sure the doors all open and close properly.

CONTAIN THE COLLECTION. Avoid sensory overload and pack up large parts of collections.

RETHINK YOUR ROOMS. When applicable, change furniture around to redesign rooms. You may be using that rec room as an office, but it should be staged to show what it was designed to be.

SHOW OFF YOUR POOL. If you’re selling a home with a pool, don’t put the house on the market until the pool is open.

Karen Hoemeke, The Hoemeke Group, Coldwell Banker Premier Group

TONE BACK THE COLOR. Change colorful carpeting to a neutral hue—or better yet, upgrade to hardwood.

LET THE LIGHT IN. Open all blinds and shades as far as possible.

BABY, IT’S COLD INSIDE. Remove any space heaters to avoid giving the impression that your home is cold.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR BEST ASSETS. If you have a great, but slightly hidden, feature to show-off—like a greenhouse—have it noted during tours to make sure it’s not overlooked by potential buyers.

KEEP THINGS NEUTRAL. Remove personal photographs and religious-themed décor.

SHOWCASE THE WORKMANSHIP. Highlight details like crown molding or wainscoting.

Sabrina Robb, Robb Partners, Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty

PET PROBLEMS. Your dog might not be territorial when you’re around, but things could be different when you’re not there. Move pet items away from busy areas, like doors.

CLEAR ‘EM OFF. Remove all items from the countertops and above the cabinets to allow potential buyers to focus on the fixtures, not your belongings.

PEACEFUL WORKSPACE. If you have a desk in the kitchen, stage it as if it's never been used.

BABY-PROOF. Prepare for children to be running around the home by removing low-level breakables.

WHAT A WIDTH. Highlight the width of a hallway by removing all furniture.

LOOK UP. Check the ceilings. While these ceilings looked fine, any discoloration may cause the potential buyers to assume there is a problem with the roof.