Disasters don’t just end when the storm is over. The disaster continues to harm as more damage is revealed and families are left scrambling. Restoration of damaged property can bring back peace of mind. One company in St. Louis – ULTIMA Disaster Restoration – offers clients a better way of clearing the destruction.

“ULTIMA Disaster Restoration has seen unprecedented growth in its first year, especially in this industry,” James Plemmons, VP of commercial large loss, says. “I’ve been in this business a long time, and seeing this much growth is unheard of in just one year. After handling a lot of commercial work down in Houston, we opened an office there. Soon, we’re opening an additional satellite location in Denver.”

ULTIMA fields calls relating to fire, water, mold and storm damage. And now, the company has created an additional department to meet the needs of clients. “Not only are we handling water mitigation and fire cleanup, we now have a roofing division,” Plemmons shares. “A lot of times, the jobs go hand-in-hand. We do reconstructions and roofs, as well as residential and commercial jobs. We do it all. The future of our company is to be St. Louis’ one-stop shop for restoration.”

ULTIMA discovered that the secret to successful disaster repair management lies in utilizing all the tools made available to the trade. “Through our use of technology, we streamline the restoration experience,” Plemmons states. “People may be experiencing something with which they’ve never had to deal, and, with our ability to remotely log in to see the current status and learn who talked to the clients, we can make the whole process seamless.”

Plemmons believes one of the differences between ULTIMA and its competitors is its innovative quality control. “The competition doesn’t have the same capabilities to build programs and monitor the restoration process remotely,” he explains. “We have programmers and software developers on staff. Disaster restoration requires a 24-hour, 365-day response – and we have a response time of one hour.”

As the company continues to develop a wider operating base, the team delivers a consistent approach and stays dedicated to clients. “Our tagline, ‘expect better,’ is what we hope people will come to associate with ULTIMA as we continue to expand across the country,” Plemmons shares. “Our president, Steven DeRossett, has made it clear that he wants ULTIMA to be the best. We live by that motto and go the extra mile for our customers. Our staff has a high sense of urgency and communicates with customers on a daily basis.”

Disasters come and go, but the damage they leave behind doesn’t have to wreck your life. “Disaster restoration, for the most part, is reactive,” Plemmons says. For Plemmons, “ULTIMA is the future of restoration in St. Louis.” “We all clean up,” he acknowledges, “but what sets ULTIMA apart is our effective communication throughout the process.”

ULTIMA Disaster Restoration, St. Louis, 888-999-2610, ultimarestoration.com

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