A natural transition in life, moving away from one’s home into a community for the aging still can be intimidating and hard to accept. Stonecrest of Town & Country Senior Living has found that the secret to making this an easier transition is to embrace residents as if they are family.

“Our philosophy of care is centered on our residents. Everything is about them,” executive director Linda Iken-Robertson says. “It’s about treating them with total respect, like the way you want to be treated. I treat them how I would treat my own mother or grandmother.”

Instead of feeling like one is sacrificing his or her independence, residents discover a place that celebrates who they are as individuals and strives to make them feel at home. “Our mission every day is to enhance the lives of our residents in support of their families,” Iken-Robertson tells. “Our culture is important to us. It’s a culture of community that is all about embracing residents through person-centered care.”

The team at Stonecrest caters that care to the individual, tailoring a program to each person’s specific lifestyle. “It’s all about building traditions,” Iken-Robertson says. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I treat this community like it’s my home. They’re my family. I like to start traditions with our residents during the holiday season, making it all about togetherness.”

Starting new traditions is one of the many ways in which Stonecrest builds relationships that are meant to last with residents. “They are starting a new chapter in their lives,” Iken-Robertson states. “We are trained to focus on the strengths and needs of our residents. We know all of their personal accomplishments. We know their families, and we make life more vibrant for them by being engaged.”

Family is the foundation of any home. No one understands this better than the team at Stonecrest. When new residents move to Stonecrest they aren’t saying goodbye to everything they knew. They are building on the life they’ve been living – with a group of people who treat them with the same love and care as they do their own family members. This nurturing environment supplies a warmth unmatched, with the kind of comfort and acceptance only one place can offer: home. “It’s all about family,” Iken-Robertson reiterates. “We cherish those connections. We continue the residents’ family traditions and share in them. We [simply] expand the family circle.”

Stonecrest of Town & Country Senior Living, 1008 Woods Mill Road, Town and Country, 636-527-4444, stonecrestseniorliving.com


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